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We provide complete mobile banking services for Jaipur.


Be it for work purposes, personal affairs or peer-to-peer arrangements, you need to use banks all the time. And it can be difficult to go there any time you want. You might be busy, or far away from the closest branch, or tired... Many reasons can keep you away from your bank. You need a handy solution to do your bank transactions and consults with no effort, anywhere, any time. You need a safe and quick way to do all of this, in one place, with one tool. 


Welcome to Jaipur Bank, your banking mobile solution

If you live away from big cities you might have trouble reaching bank branches. You might need to travel a long distance or the opening hours might not be convenient for you. That's why we bring the bank technology revolution to Jaipur in the form of our Bank Tech Services. How does Jaipur Bank improve your life? 





Quick and safe money transactions from your phone any time, any place.



Freedom of movement and timing. You can operate your account anywhere, wheneever you want.



Mobile banking adapts to your needs. You no longer need to organize your life around banks.



We provide the best customer care for any issue that might arise, so no problem is your problem.



How does Jaipur Bank work?

This is very simple. You just follow these three steps and you're already in!



Get your membership code

You can request your membership code on the phone or with an e-mail. First we will send you all information you need about the details of our services, so you can choose the membership level you prefer. Membership level can be changed later if you want.

When you make your choice, you get a unique, high-security membership code that will identify you in our system. Remember that the code expires in a short time, so you should activate it as soon as possible after you get it.


Activate your account(s) on your mobile

Congratulations! Now you have your membership code, which means that you're already in for the best mobile banking services, made easy and secure just for you. You can complete the operation by logging in to our system from your mobile phone. You can use as many mobile equipments as you want, but you will have to register all of them the first time you use our system from that device.

You will receive a confirmation code on your e-mail or via SMS. Once you confirm your account, you can start enjoying all the benefits of Jaipur Bank in your mobile!


Feel the freedom mobile banking has to offer!

Now all that's left to do is enjoy all of Jaipur Bank's mobile features. Now you can do all your bank transactions from your mobile phone. It's safe, it's easy and it's incredibly handy. You can check your accounts on the go, pay services or debts, review your account information and receive payment alerts on your phone. Banking made easier than ever with Jaipur Bank!

What our customer says

Our clients.

"It was most useful to use Jaipur Bank for my family and me. We live in a poor place and we don't have banks close. To have a bank in our mobile is helping me grow and I can help better to my family." read more >>

Sigpur Loni,

"Jaipur Bank has changed the way I do things in my life. I don't have to travel very far to go to the bank. I can pay and see my salary every day. Everything is easy now." read more >>

Haani Gandri,

"I'm so happy that mobile banking is finally here. Jaipur Bank was the first one and I hope many others do follow. This is helping me run my accountancy and administrate my money. More companies like this should exist." read more >>

Ruti Kasmir,